Dixie's Roxie

Roxie's parents were Dixie's Shadow Brown, sire of many many wonderful Australian Labradoodles, and His Acre Truffle, whose sire was my wonderful Mudgee, imported from Australia almost 13 years ago. She has a lot to live up to, as these lines have produced beloved pets and several service dogs trained to perform various tasks for their owners. Roxie is a medium chocolate multigen Australian Labradoodle born April 26, 2013. We love her calm temperament and easy-going manner. We are looking forward to her puppies in late summer or fall of 2016. She's going to be a great mom!

ALAA Registered Name: Dixie's Roxie
ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-032326
Call name: Roxie

Dixie's Patsy Cline

What can I say about this sweet and adorable girl? She makes people smile. Her joy is contagious! Always bright-eyed and cheerful, her calm temperament and easy-going nature melt people's hearts. Patsy is a medium apricot multigen Australian Labradoodle born January 7, 2012. She is a devoted mom to her puppies and has produced two litters of fantastic puppies.

ALAA Registered Name: Dixie's Patsy Cline
ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-026704
Call name: Patsy

Dixie's Olive

Olive outsmarts me on a daily basis; she is probably the smartest dog I've ever met. My goal is to get through a day without her tricking me into something. Clever, regal but goofy, lovable and affectionate, Olive wins hearts and counts many humans among her friends. Olive is another dog from my lines that began with the wonderful retired Mudgee. She has fantastic puppies and is a patient and loving mom. Olive was born on Christmas Day, 2013. She is a light cafe color with a very curly fleece coat. She is a standard multigen Australian Labradoodle. Note the eyelashes!!

ALAA Registered Name: Dixie's Olive
ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-035589
Call name: Lexie

Dixie's Madeline

Maddie is the quintessential multigen Australian Labradoodle. She is a medium in size. Gentle, good-natured, gorgeous, and a little zany, she charms people everywhere she goes. She has a beautiful smile and is contagiously merry. Her color is lavender.
ALAA Registered Name: Dixie's Madeline
ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-035171
Call name: Maddie

Dixie's Penelope

Beautiful both inside and out, Penny is a dark chocolate Multigen Australian Labradoodle. She is a large medium in size. Her coat is easy care curly fleece. She has the great disposition that has come down through my lines for the past 13 years. Sweet, smart, nurturing, gentle, playful. That's Penny in a nutshell@
ALAA Registered Name: Dixie's Penelope
ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-036076
Call name: Penny