Multigen Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Due: January 8, 2020

Going  home window:  3/4/2020-3/11/2020 est.

Parents: Dixie’s Libby and Desert Winds Flying Dutchman

Size: 30-50 lbs at maturity

Price: $2750


Dixie’s Libby


Desert Winds Flying Dutchman


our puppies

Our  primary  goal  at  Dixie’s  Doodles  is  to  breed  healthy  puppies  with  wonderful  temperaments.  All  of  our  puppies  are  whelped  and  raised  in  our  home,  where  we  have  an  active  and  nurturing  environment.  

Puppies  grow  up  around  normal  household  noises,  such  as  conversation,  laughter,  vacuums,  dishwasher,  television,  music,  and  more.  They  walk  on  as  many  surfaces  as  we  can  provide,  including  grass,  decking,  and  interior  floors.  When  outside,  they  play  in  tunnels,  wading  pools,  and  other  equipment  specifically  designed  to  help  puppies  learn  and  grow.  They  travel  in  the  car  to  go  to  the  vet.  We  try  to  ensure  that  your  puppy  has  had  the  best  preparation  possible  for  life  with  a  new  family  and  away  from  mom  and  littermates.

The “Process”

The  process  works  as  follows:  Families  place  deposits  of  $200.  When  a  litter  is  born  I  send  out  an  email  announcement  to  everyone  on  my  waiting  list.  The  waiting  list  is  constructed  from  the  responses,  and  the  selection  order  will  be  in  the  order  deposits  were  placed.  I  confirm  with  everyone  who  responds  and  let  them  know  if  they  made  the  waiting  list  for  the  litter,  where  they  are  on  the  list,  approximate  going-home  day,  etc. 

Every  week  thereafter  I  post  photos  and  send  out  a  newsletter.  The  newsletters  cover  the  puppies’  development  along  with  puppy  preparation  for  the  families,  such  as  crate  types  and  size,  grooming  tools,  feeding,  books  to  read,  recommended  trainers,  etc.  I  try  to  make  the  wait  fun  and  informative.

At  the  bottom  of  each  newsletter  is  a  list  of  important  dates,  most  importantly “Meet  the  Puppies  Week”.  When  the  puppies  are  six  weeks  old,  my  vet  examines  them  and  gives  them  their  first  set  of  shots.  Then  the  families  may  visit  and  select  their  puppies.  Puppy  selection  is  done  in  the  order  deposits  were  placed.

You  may  switch  to  any  other  litter  at  any  time.  If  the  litter  is  not  yet  born,  the  selection  order  remains  in  the  order  deposits  were  placed.  However,  if  the  litter  is  born  and  the  waitlist  is  confirmed,  you  would  take  the  next  available  opening..

Pricing and Payment

Unless  otherwise  specified,  all  of  my  puppies  are  $2750.  The  fee  for  your  puppy  includes  the  following:

  • Microchip
  • Pre-registration  with  the  Australian  Labradoodle  Association  of  America
  • Age-appropriate  vaccinations
  • Vet  check
  • Regular  wormings
  • 2 year  warranty
  • Going  home  packet

Accepted  forms  of  payment:  credit  cards,  checks  paid  in  advance,  cash

Puppy Application

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